Rules, Procedures, and Award Criteria


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Award Critera

Each individual committees assigns awards based upon the participation, accuracy, verbal speaking, and decorum of the delegate in his or her particular committee. After each committee session, our chairs and co-chairs of each committee, rank the delegates. The top overall delegates receive the awards for their respective committee. Every committee will recognize delegates with the award of Outstanding Delegate, Distinguished Delegate, or Honorable Mention, respectively. The number of awards in these three categories will vary based upon the size of the committee. The individual designations for awards for UGAMUNC XXII are listed below.

These awards will factor into the scoring of the overall delegation awards throughout all committees. Delegation awards will be awarded for best small delegation and best large delegation, distinguished small delegation and distinguished large delegation, and honorable small delegation and honorable large delegation, respectively. Countries that are represented in all General Assemblies and the UNODC as well as having at least one delegate in the Security Council, the Organisation for Islamic Cooperation, or NATO are considered large delegations and are listed in bold on the 2016 UGAMUNC Countries document found on our website. Small delegations are those countries that are only represented in the General Assemblies and the UNODC. To be considered for small and large delegation awards, a small delegation must represent its country in four committees (minimum four delegates), and all large delegations must be represented in at least five committees (minimum five delegates).

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Position Papers

***The position papers are due by 5 pm on Friday, February 2nd to the chairs and co-chairs (emails are found in the BGs).***

Each committee also requires a position paper from each delegation in a committee. These position papers can be sent to their respective committee email which can be found on the committees page or a physical copy will be accepted at the beginning of Session I on Friday evening. At the end of the weekend, each committee will also grant one delegation with the Outstanding Position Paper Award.

Position papers should be typed; one page single-spaced per topic, 12 point Times New Roman font, and one inch margins. Delegates should use a standard, consistent citation format of their choosing.

In order to view the grading rubric for position papers, click here.