Nicole Garcia, Secretary General


 Nicole Garcia is a junior from Evans, GA majoring in Management Information Systems and International Business with a minor in Spanish. This is her third year on the team, but she participated in Model United Nations all four years of high school as well. This year, she is the crisis director for the Bonaparte Family Dinner committee at UGAMUNC and previously had the privilege of serving as the Conference Director and co-chairing the committee for the U.S. Intelligence Community. She is also a member of Phi Sigma Pi national honor fraternity, works on campus, and enjoys volunteering around Athens. In her free time, she enjoys singing, doing Sudoku puzzles, petting cats, or scouting out a new duck for her rubber duck collection.

Megan, Director General


Megan Gillahan is a junior from Evans, Georgia majoring in International Affairs and French. This is her third year on the team, but she participated in Model UN in high school as well. She is the Director General for the team this year but has previously served as Conference Director and co-chair of the OIC. She works in a coffee shop on campus and is also a member of Sigma Iota Ro, the international affairs honor society, and the Security Leadership Program through the Center for International Trade and Security. She recently picked up knitting and is knitting (or attempting to knit) all things Harry Potter. In her free time she enjoys reading, drinking excessive amounts of coffee, and taking an absurd amount of naps.

Alexandria Johnson, Head Delegate


   Alex Johnson is a sophomore from Augusta, Ga with a double major in International Affairs and Arabic. In addition to being Head Delegate for the University of Georgia’s Model UN team, she is also the Programming Director for NCNW and a BEST Mentor. When not tucked away in the MLC or class you can find her working in the International Student Life Office, running on trails by the IM Fields, or sprawled across her bed watching Netflix. The one thing that is equal to her love of International Affairs and Arabic is her love of the University of Georgia. Go Dawgs! 

Cody Pyle, Public Relations Director


  Cody is a fourth year International Affairs major with a Genetics minor and a certificate in global studies. He has been on the Model United Nations team for three years, serving as the Finance Director and Public Relations Director. After college, he wants to work in a foreign country on relations for the United States. He enjoys eating and traveling. This past summer, he went to five countries (Japan, Italy, England, Scotland, and Spain). If you are ever looking for him, you will most likely find him on the couch, with his kitten, binge watching either Game of Thrones or Westworld. If he is not on the couch, he is most likely at a Beyoncé concert crying in the front row.

Esther Osinaya, Finance Director


  Esther Osinaiya is a senior from Atlanta, Georgia  majoring in Finance. This is her fourth and final year on the UGA Model UN team. She is currently the Finance Director of the team but had previously served as Chief of Staff. She will be serving as the Crisis Director for CDC: Outbreak crisis committee. She is also involved with various business organizations such as Sponsors of Educational Opportunity and NABA, and she is a radio DJ at the student run radio station WUOG 90.5 FM. After she graduates in May 2018 she will start her career as an analyst at JPMorgan Chase. In her free time, she enjoys watching television and films,talking about music, and learning about African history.

Megan Gillahan, UGAMUNC Conference Director


Megan Gillahan is a second year International Affairs, French and English Major and will be serving as the Conference Director for  UGAMUNC 2017. This is her second year on the team and she served as the Co-Chair for the OIC committee at UGAMUNC 2016. Aside from her involvement on the Model UN team, she is also involved in UGA’s Model African Union team and works two jobs on campus. Additionally, she spent Summer 2016 studying abroad in France taking advanced cultural/historical, literature and business courses. She loves all things related to MUN and her hobbies include continuously buying books online until her house explodes.

Colin Kerner, Chief of Staff


   Colin Kerner is a Junior from Athens, Georgia double majoring in International Affairs and Political Science. He is the Chief of Staff for the UGA Model UN team, and will be running the UGAMUNC staff room. This is his third year on the MUN team. In his free time, he’s been learning programing, reading, and pretending like he runs. This summer will be studying abroad in Italy, and hopes to follow that with an internship in Washington D.C.

Jailen Gary, Collegiate Conference Director



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